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the spell is all around

soon the night is over

Community for Negative fans worldwide
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Created in 2004, this is the first community on LJ about the Finnish band Negative.

Here you can post:
Concert photos, reviews, etc.
Fanart (such as manipulations, traditional artwork, icons, etc.)
News - please try to only post news from the official site. Please remember to link to the source or at least tell where you have your information from.
Advertise for related communities, websites, etc.
Everything else Negative-related that doesn't clash with the following rule.

Here you can not:
Request or post mp3s of any Negative songs. Please buy the records!
-live recordings of songs/videos are welcome, both as embedded youtube videos, youtube links or as download links.

Posting guidelines:

Photos: Always put large photos (example: 400x300px) behind a cut. If you reckon a photo is not worksafe, please post a warning. Give credit where credit is needed.

Interviews: Always link to the source and please place any photos behind a cut. If the interview is very long, please also place it behind a cut.

News: Always link to the source! News do not necessarily need to be placed behind a cut, unless you feel it is necessary, length-wise, etc.

Tagging guidelines:

Photos: use the tag 'pics: jonne' if you post only pics of Jonne, etc. if you post pics of the entire band, use the tag 'pics: ngt'.

Advertisements: 'ad: rpg' for advertising roleplay games, 'ad: comm' for advertising other communities, etc.

Artwork: tags such as 'wallpaper', 'icons' and 'banners' already exist. If you have created a manip, use the tag 'manip'. There is no need to specify who is in the artwork; this is a Negative community and thus it is rather obvious. :P

Videos: live recordings are labelled as 'video: songname'. Musicvideos are labelled as 'musicvid: songname' to distinguish between the two.

Requests/questions: the 'question' tag will do.

I have probably forgot some tags, but be sensible and check the taglist when you make an entry. If a tag that you would like to use doesn't exist, then you are free to create it, but I might alter it later.

fin_archive - journal dedicated to translations of articles, interviews, etc. about Finnish artists, among which are Negative.